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Thursday, February 9th

Advanced Lawsuit Protection, Tax Reduction & Estate Planning – Larry Oxenham

Larry Oxenham is one of America’s top asset protection experts, having helped thousands of professionals achieve financial peace of mind by teaching them how to properly structure their assets for lawsuit protection and tax reduction. He has authored and co-authored several articles and books on the subject including The Asset Protection Bible and How to Achieve Financial Peace of Mind through Asset Protection. His career has been credited with helping thousands of people save millions of dollars. Larry Oxenham is a nationally recognized speaker who has trained thousands of professionals at hundreds of conventions, conferences and seminars across the country

Aging of Pool Water – Joe Laurino

Best Practices During Application – Shaun Goldberg

Fixing Minor Repairs – Jay Eaton

Supplemental Disinfection Systems – Jeff Boynton

Construction 207:  A Plaster Crew’s Guide to Shotcrete/Gunite Issues - Bill Drakeley, SWD Master

Learning Objectives:

Learn techniques for reviewing concrete surfaces for defects such as type of cracks, mix design, rebound, and non-homogenous materials.

Explore proper inspection techniques for identifying problems with penetrations and/or fitting perforations.

Discuss how to test pool integrity with sounding techniques, a rebound hammer test, and minor destructive exploration.

The American Concrete Institute and the American Shotcrete Association have established standards for proper in-place shotcrete/gunite. Neglecting these guidelines will lead to plaster issues or delamination. This course will help plaster crews identify a pool's structural flaws and guide them into proper remediation, as well as alert the contractor to future pool plaster issues based on the condition of the shell.

Cyanuric Acid Stabilizer- What is all the fuss about? – Dr. Ellen Meyer

There are a lot of questions regarding the chlorine stabilizer cyanuric acid (CYA): Does it hinder chlorine efficacy? Can you use an ORP controller with CYA? How can I be sure of my test results for CYA?  What level of CYA affects my water balance?  Does CYA interfere with the alkalinity test? Where does my CYA go during the winter?  Does CYA affect my plaster?  Why does the Model Aquatic Health Code limit CYA to 90 ppm?  Why does the Model Aquatic Health Code specify <15 ppm CYA for remediation of a diarrheal incident?  How do I control my CYA levels?  How much CYA do I really need?  This talk will provide you either the answers to these questions or provide you with the data to make your own judgments.

Pool Torching 101:  In Inexpensive Way to Eliminate Tough Pool Stains – Greg Garrett

In Pool Torching 101 the student will learn how the torching of pool surfaces may eliminate some warranty complaints or restore a pool interior finish back to optimal appearance. The class will discuss the proper candidates for a "torching" process and the necessary "do's and don'ts" with this remedial technique recognized in the National Plasterer's Council, Technical Manual, 7th Edition (Section 6.5.2). 

Such items as the type of proper equipment to include propane tanks and torches and associated auxiliary items such as diamond hand pads will be addressed. Personal equipment and safety considerations will also be discussed. Lastly students will see actual pools showing major issues (such as abnormal discoloration) in a "before and after" format. This process will eliminate many tear out's and redo's if utilized properly.


Friday, February 10th

8th Edition Technical Manual:  Changes, Updates – Jana Auringer & Greg Musgrove

Marketing Game Changers for 2017 – Pam Vinje

According to the Pool and Spa News Top 50 Builder List. SSP clients received top 10 recognition for best website designs, social media marketing, and overall online web presence. Learn the best plays from our 2016 playbook, then uncover the marketing game changers for 2017 and how to prepare.

We’ll explore the latest website innovations and content marketing tactics that brought in the leads. Learn from social media marketing triumphs and pitfalls we encountered in 2016. Then prepare for 2017, as we outline the steps needed to navigate the major changes in content development, lead generation, search engine marketing, mobile, social media marketing, and reputation management. Great practical proven tactics to reach consumers.

Round Table:  What I Know Now That I Wish I Knew Then

Construction 108:  Cementitious Pool Finishes – Randy Dukes

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss plaster, colored plaster, Hydrazzo, PebbleTec, and other aggregate finishes.
  • Define proper installation techniques and details as promulgated by the NPC
  • Define proper startup procedures to reduce damage and staining of cementitious pool finishes.
  • Discuss short-term and long-term care considerations.

Many problems with pool finishes originate from errors in water/ cement ratios, water addition during installation, improper troweling techniques, and even the final acid wash for exposed aggregate finishes. Other problems arise during the startup where the water quality affects curing and that water quality is changing constantly during the first few months. This module provides students with the insight on exactly what is happening with the finish at each step of the process and how you can control the numerous parameters to avoid problems and achieve success with the finish and your client’s expectations.

Waterproofing – A Systems Approach – George Reedy & Trevor Foster

The primary objective of waterproofing concrete structures is to either contain water within the structure, or to prevent water from entering the structure from the outside. This is oftentimes a very complex process that requires careful consideration of many factors especially when concrete structures are designed to contain water such as pools, spas, water features and other water containment structures. Strict attention to the details is crucial which includes, but is not limited to, concrete conditioning, surface preparation, terminations, penetrations and transitions especially the often forgotten area along the water line. This requires a total systems approach to waterproofing efficiency which addresses the structure both internally to enhance the quality of the concrete, and externally with fluid applied surface waterproof barrier materials.

  • The presentation will cover the following key learning objectives:
  • Most Common Problems in Pools, Spas, and Water Containment Structures
  • Identifying the Underlying Cause – Differentiating Between Damage and Defect
  • Total Systems Approach – Internal and External Treatment
  • Internal Penetration-based Waterproofing
  • External Topically-applied Waterproofing
  • Success is in the Details – Treating Cracks, Transitions and Penetrations

Spot Etching:  A New Twist – Alan Smith

In this class the student will learn what spot etching is and the most common causes. The student will learn what can be done to prevent this phenomenon and if it does occur, what if anything, can be done to mitigate this appearance.  In addition, each student will receive a copy of the new NPC bulletin on spot etching produced by the Technical Advisory Committee.

Myths of Water Chemistry & Testing – Chris Golden

A seminar that presents and discusses the most commonly held myths and errors concerning testing for pool/spa water and how to recognize and overcome these misrepresentations, resulting in increased credibility and optimum customer service.

Calcium:  Friend or Foe – Jonathan Dongell

Calcium chloride is the most widely used set accelerator for the plastering of swimming pool interior finishes. This session offers insight into the proper mixing and dosage sequencing of calcium chloride; the potential effect on finish coloration; and the potential issues that can result from its’ misuse.

The rationale for the 2% limitation, as well as potential benefits that calcium chloride offer, will be explained. And, an introduction to potential compatibility issues between calcium chloride and pigments will be presented.

Legal Eagle - Nick Spirtos


CEU's (Continuing Education Units) are not available for any of the above classes.

Genesis classes are IACET accredited.


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