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Start-Up Technicians Course Schedule
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This program certifies individuals to NPC Industry Standards in the proper startup of plastered pools. The startup process is the key event in bringing your pool to life! Proper startup is the first step in pool owners realizing the full value and longevity of their investment. The course will cover five primary areas: The History and Chemistry of Swimming Pool Surfaces, Basic Water Chemistry, Using a Water Test Kit, Start-Up Procedures and Pool Surface Start-Up Problems and Solutions. The course will include a live exam in the proper methods of testing water and conclude with a sixty (60) minute written test.


  • All students will need to provide their own test kit. The instructor recommends a Taylor K2005-C or K2006 kit.
  • All technicians who pass the course must be an NPC member in good standing to be listed as a Start-up Certified Technician on the NPC website "Find a Certified Start-up Technician" search results.
 NPC Start-up technician certification class  Pool Start-up technician certification

"I feel I got  a lot of new information that I didn't have before and it was very comprehensive."

I learned a lot about what I have taken for granted.  It was informative and relevant to today's issues."

The teacher, Greg, got the class involved, offered great advice and shared experiences of real world situations."

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 Pool Expert Instructor Greg Garrett

Instructor: Greg Garrett

Greg Garrett has more than 40 years’ experience in the swimming pool industry principally in the construction trades involving concrete, plaster and other cementitious materials.

Beginning in 1983, Greg focused on pool interior finishes and pool deck phenomenon. He has conducted research on etching deterioration, calcium nodules, discoloration and methods to improve the long-term resistance to chemical deterioration of interior finishes. In concrete, he has researched ASR (Alkali-Silica Reactivity) and sulfate type attacks and has ongoing research in modified deck toppings and modified concrete for the swimming pool industry and other industries.

Greg is the president and owner of Applied Materials Technologies (AMT). Greg holds a KA-05 dual residential and commercial swimming pool contractors’ license in the state of Arizona.

Greg serves on the Board of Directors of The National Plasterers Council and also serves as Director of Technical Services.