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Technical Hotline
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Pool plasterThe National Plasterers Council is willing to assist consumers, and industry members, by answering general questions about plastered pools and determining issues with pool surfaces. For many years, the NPC has facilitated the resolution of issues in the startup and maintenance of plaster pools. Remedies and solutions are available and the NPC can help connect you with professional industry experts.

If you have a general question about pool surface materials, such as colors and pigments, types of surfaces, you can send an e-mail. We’ll be happy to answer your question as quick as possible.

If you have a problem such as discoloration, staining, deterioration, you must give us some basic information:

  • What is your water chemistry?

  • Do you use a pool service company?

  • What kind of Chlorination are you using?

  • How big (gallons) is your pool?

  • What kind of heating are you using?

  • Are you on well water or city water?

  • How old is your pool?

  • How old is your surface?

Please complete the listed POOL INSPECTION FORM and include images with your submission. Once we receive your completed Pool Inspection Form, NPC will refer your matter to a professional industry expert.

(TIP: When taking pictures through the water in your pool, put your pool brush in the pool by the problem so the camera focuses on the brush and not the water). Submit the form to us at